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Master's degree

logoITourDeMInternational Tourism and Destination Management

Class LM-49 / Master's degree

Year 2016-2017

Flavia Stara, full professor of Science of Education

For info contact to:
Senior tutor: dott. Luigi Mattia Pastina

monday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
wednesday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m./2 p.m - 4 p.m. (Luigi  Mattia Pastina will be absent on 19th october)
thursday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m

phone 0733-2585841

didattic office: Caterina Vitali @ phone 0733 2585936

prof. Isabella Crespi @:

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STUDY PLAN year 2016/17 I    Teaching programs see  'classe' LM-49 I Summary of Regulations of the course of study


Tourism directly supports more than 100 million travel and tourism jobs according to WTTC 2014, being one of the largest industries in the world. Demand for tourism and travel professionals will continue to grow as many traditional borders disappear and business develop even more global.

The Master degree in International Tourism and Destination Management (ITourDeM) at the University of Macerata is a two-year postgraduate Degree which is equivalent to an M.A./M.Sc. It aims to prepare managers and professionals able to tackle the global challenges of present tourism, being key-players of sustainable development, and cultural heritage promoters.

Our academic programme focuses on a professional figure with theoretical and practical skills, stresses on socio-economical methodologies as well as on historical and geographical knowledge. This professional figure has competences in designing and implementing advanced tourism operational infrastructures, in building and managing tourist destinations through the sustainable enhancement of natural and cultural resources, in developing natural and landscape tourism projects, in qualifying a tourism approach to environment and food goods.


The ITourDeM Master degree offers a vocational education for professionals in the receptive tourism and hotel management companies, high responsibility positions in enterprises designing, planning and marketing travel and tourism connected products, in cooperatives and consortia of integrated tourism. Other career positions deal with the organization of cultural events and exhibitions, the management of services to the public, government, public and private institutions, in the fields of tourism, culture, environment, heritage and local development.

Key professional skills:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Analysis processes and accounting abilities;
  • Communication;
  • Management and organization.