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TITLE PrevDrop - Detecting and Preventing Drop out from Higher Education or Supporting Students to Switch Successfully to VET

AGREEMENT NUMBER 2014-1-DE01-KA200-000661

FUNDING PROGRAMME Erasmus+ KA2 - Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices

CONSORTIUM Hochschule der Bundesagentur fur Arbeit (Germany), ZAB consult GmbH (Germany); Apllied Vocational Psychology and Policy Research Unit (Luxembourg), University of Plymouth (UK), University of Macerata (Italy), Infoart Eood (Bulgaria), Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nurtingen-Geislingen (Germany).

RUNTIME from 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2016

SHORT DESCRIPTION Reducing dropout in higher education as a headline target of Europe 2020. Success in higher education is vital for jobs, social justice and economic growth and therefore highly qualified professionals are indispensable for each society. As one of its headline targets the European Union's strategy for jobs and growth, Europe 2020, proposes to lead at least 40% of the younger generation to a third level education (European Commission, 2010). Additionally, in Europe 2020 as well as in other strategy papers such as the EU-Strategy for the modernizing of higher education, the Commission claims to reduce the number of dropouts in higher education (European Commission, 2011).

FUNDING PROJECT 299.409,00 €

FUNDING UNIMC 48.478,00 €