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8th International Seminars' Week 2020

From 30th November 2020 to 4th December 2020
8TH ISW 2020_21

8TH ISW 2020_21

The University of Macerata cares for students' formation and career opportunities, both paying serious attention to their courses' quality and looking at the world for the rich growth and exchange opportunities it does offers.

From this perspective we encourage strategic collaboration with international partners, meant to offer our students and teachers a broad set of training and research exchange opportunities.

Providing an international and intercultural sharing of knowledge and abilities, the aim of the International Seminars' Week is to become an open access context, able to enhance students' professional, social and emotional skills.

The purpose of the International Seminars' Week is together to increase international competencies through training in a foreign language and to form inter and multicultural expertise.

8th International Seminars' Week 2020 - "Tourism and destinations in turbulent times"

The "Consiglio delle classi unificate in Beni culturali e Scienze del turismo" (for the L-1&L-15 / LM-49 / LM-89 courses) stated that  the participation to 1 SEMINAR of 6 HOURS will be recognised as 1 CFU:

  • Seminar: Strategic management in tourism: context and content - Professor Anita Talaja | University of Split (Croatia) - 6 hours - 1 CFU
  • Seminar: Understanding the Basics of Conducting Qualitative Research in Tourism Studies - Dr. Bharti Gupta | Central University of Jammu (India) - 6 hours - 1 CFU
  • Seminar: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, Open and Linked Data, Crowdsourcing and gamification: the impact of evolving disruptive technologies on heritage sector and private lives - Dr.Tomislav Ivanjko | University of Zagreb (Croatia) - 6 hours - 1 CFU
  • Seminar: Building a new sustainable tourism offer based on intangible heritage, gastronomy, culture and creative experiences - Dr. Diane Dodd | International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (Spain) - 6 hours - 1 CFU


In order to obtain the recognition of 1 CFU for a seminar it is necessary:

  • Attend the seminar for 100% of its duration (6 hours)
  • Pass a test scheduled at the end of the seminar.

The registration of the vote will be carried out by the "buddy" of the seminar in the first appeal of the winter session a.y. 2020/21.

When registrations for the winter session will open, students will have to book as for any other exam.

Agenda - 8th International Seminars' Week 2020 - "Tourism and destinations in turbulent times"

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