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Home News "The gastronomic week" - prof. Alessio Cavicchi

"The gastronomic week" - prof. Alessio Cavicchi

Series of seminars - 5 CFU - Start 8th March 2019 - Polo didattico Bertelli
The gastronimc week

The gastronimc week

This series of seminars addresses the fields of gastronomy, food, agriculture and their relationships with tourism.
In every seminar, a specific topic will be discussed through a "problem-based" and "location-based learning" pedagogical approach.
After the introductory lesson, study visits, book presentations, meetings with entrepreneurs and experts in these fields, will be organised.
Final lessons will be held during the some events of the "International Student Competition on Place Branding and Mediterranean Diet".

For the seminars

  • II seminar: laboratory VeryMarche during Tipicità Festival in Fermo
  • III seminar: laboratory Taste and Create during Tipicità Festival in Fermo


all the students will have the free entrance with the "Libretto" of UNIMC and the following coupon for the free entrance

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